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Okehazama: Nobunaga Oda hao no Tanjo (2021)

Okehazama: Nobunaga Oda hao no Tanjo (2021)

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Drama set in the historical Warring States Era of Japan. Tokaido name Imagawa Yoshimoto personally led his army to invade Owari Province territory, now in Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City area, was Nobunaga leader of this surprise bursts of death. After the war, the Imagawa clan who originally dominated the Tokaido region fell away, and the victorious Oda Nobunaga quickly expanded his power in Central Japan and the Kinki region, laying the foundation for his future control of the central government of Japan.

Okehazama: Nobunaga Oda hao no Tanjo (2021) is a  Japanese Movie Erika Sawajiri,Tatsuya Fujiwara  and more.




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