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Jane (2017)

Jane (2017)

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Jungho – a character that the audience does not know anything about – abandons Sohyun. She is now on her own, away from home, somewhere in a motel, trying to kill herself. Out of nowhere comes her saviour: a transgender woman called Jane, who helps Sohyun. It turns out that Jane looks after a group of young runaways; without hesitation, she invites the girl into her little ‘family’ and helps her settle. Everyone seems to be caring and loving; however, it all ends suddenly when Jane passes away; and yet again, Sohyun ends up on the street. While watching this part of the film, everything at first seems to be normal and real, but then the viewers see the girl with another group of people; with another ‘family’ that is run by a strong and brutal man, and where the hierarchy is measured by how much money you can get for the ‘family’ to survive on; Sohyun’s life in the second runaway home doesn’t end well either. Two different families, two different ways of living, which is real and which is the figment of Sohyun’s imagination? She longs for a happy home and imagines one, but which one does she actually end up in?

The film was made with the support of Korean Film Council’s Independent Film Fund and won the CGV Art-house Award at the 2016 BIFF.

Jane (2017)   is a   Korean Movie Kim Moo-yul,Kim Hee-won and more.




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